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Coming Soon - Note to Dance with Me and Preschool classes

This class is based on safe and effective progressions in five divisions of acro dance: Flexibility, Strength, Balancing, Limbering & Tumbling. From forward rolls to Aerials, stretch & strength, partner/group stunting and balancing techniques, instruction is provided on proper warm up techniques, drills and conditioning exercises with our "Acrobatic Arts" certified instructor.

This class, with its strong style, teaches coordination, balance, body control, and rhythm.  Styles involved are tap, hip hop moves, and beginning breakdancing.  This class is sure to get the guys excited and moving to their favorite music.

Ballet is an important foundation for all idioms of dance.  It is the basis from which technique comes from.  The ballet classes at Center Stage do not simply focus on one specific style or ballet technique.  Instead, students are taught to be well rounded.  Proper alignment, technique, and ballet vocabulary are the main focuses.  The ballet classes follow a specific syllabus.  Dancers begin at the barre which is followed by traveling work, centre work, adagio, and allegro.

This is an introduction to partner dancing including basics in leading and following as well as dance floor etiquette.  Whether it's waltz, foxtrot, tango, swing, rhumba or cha-cha, you're interested in, these exhilarating dances combine fun and exercise.  Junior Ballroom, private lessons, and wedding preparation are also available.

This class breaks down the basic rhythm, movement, and isolation of individual body parts. Learn how to top rock, do ground work, foot work, and freezes.  Routines include all aspects of poppin including boogaloo. Introduction to mechanics of locking are integrated into routines that beginner and advanced students can relate to.  Be a part of the "Center Stage Crew."

By audition or invitation only, this class is designed for the student interested in competing.
Students will focus on learning choreography and performance techniques.  Learn routines that will be performed at competitions as well as other venues.

Contemporary dance is a compilation of different styles of dance including modern and classical ballet.  Contemporary draws on modern and postmodern techniques as well as newer philosophies of movement.  Contemporary dance encompasses all dance styles, and is not limited to one technique.  It often draws upon emotion and internal energy which allows students to take their movement to new levels.

Come have fun, get some exercise and learn a new line dance each week! Drop ins welcome

Dance With Me is designed for the littlest dancers not yet ready to tackle a class on their own. The same tools will be used as in our baby classes specifically designed to cater to the young mind. Parents are invited to jump in and experience their child's first
introduction to dance and music.  This class focuses on giving the parent and child quality time of learning together.

This class is for anyone to learn or perfect skills that is necessary when trying out or being part of any middle or high school dance team. This class focuses on Body Alignment, Pom & Kick, Turns, Leaps and Jumps, and how to dance like a Team. Whether you are a seasoned Dance Team Member or are getting ready to try out, this class is for you!

A high energy, action packed dance class done in high heels! Heels will incorporate genres of pop, jazz funk, freestyle and hip hop.This class can be done with or without heels and is for ages 18+.

A high energy class that teaches the popular moves of today.  Learn the hottest street, house, and funk moves as seen in the hottest videos.  This class teaches combinations and dance routines that will get your heart pumping, your body moving, and you closer to looking like your favorite video.

Exploration of the creation of movement through improvisation. Students will simultaneously explore and create, while spontaneously performing inner-directed movement guided by instructor.

This class is designed for the beginner dancer to experience our combination class
of Tap, Jazz & Ballet. Come and learn the basics to get ready for the fall season.

Jazz class begins with floor warm-up, isolations, across the floor techniques including jumps and turns.  All aspects of jazz dance are explored.  Classical, funk, hip hop, African, Latin, and modern styles are incorporated and blended to enhance music and choreography. All students taking Jazz are required to take Ballet.

Class is by audition or invitation only.  Company classes are offered to advanced students who are interested in performance opportunities.  Company dancers perform locally for charities, festivals, benefits, arts awareness programs, fairs, parades, and also compete in regional & national competitions. Company members are required to take multiple classes and commit to full season of performance and outreach events.

A beautiful combination of the strength and power of jazz with the grace, technique, and fluidity of ballet.  Movement is based on the creative expression of the lyrics.  Students are taught proper breathing techniques integrated with various styles of modern dance.  This class gives each dancer the freedom to express all of his/her emotions and bring them to life through movement with meaning.

This class is designed to strengthen the core while incorporating technique, flow, dynamics,
expression, and improvisation.  The styles emphasized are a mix of post-modern technique, Límon technique, and the choreographic ideas utilized by Cunningham.  Various movement qualities will be used to express to different emotions.  The class will begin with a warm up in the centre and will be followed by traveling sequences and additional centre work.

This fun and expressive jazz based class will focus on songs and movement from some of the more famous and popular Broadway Shows and Movie Musicals .

This class is an introduction to pointe.  Students work at the barre to obtain proper alignment and strengthen their arches, ankles, and leg muscles necessary for pointe work. Students can expect to be in this class without pointe shoes.  Students are evaluated on an individual basis as to when they are ready to go on pointe.  The addition of pointe shoes is based on teacher recommendation.  Ballet is a prerequisite.

An independent learning environment, designed for the youngest students that are ready to be introduced to ballet, tap and acro technique. Focus concentrates on rhythm, body position, counting, creative movement, song and dance. Every student is encouraged to be expressive, creative, and even silly, while in this safe, structured, fun environment.

The same principles are emphasized in pointe work as are emphasized in the ballet class. All pointe work begins at the barre.  Once the students have developed strong feet and ankles, they are allowed to travel across the floor and work in the centre.  Ballet is a prerequisite.  By teacher referral only.

A class for the dancer looking for an edge in the classroom and on the competition scene. This is a class in which the students will work primarily on proper jumping and turning technique as well as learning exercises that will help them maintain their center and get the height they are looking for in their big jumps.  This class also focuses on stretching and strengthening the muscles that will help the dancer reach these goals.

We Can Dance
We Can Dance is a specialized, but inclusive, Rhythm and Dance Program designed for those with Individual Learning Differences and other special needs. Students benefits include; Gross Motor Skills, Fine Motor Skills, Body Awareness, Body Control, Social Skills, Strength, Flexibility, Focus, Imitation, Ideation, Memory & Recall, Motor Planning, Coordination, Receptive Language & Expressive Language. (Parent, Guardian, Approved Helper or Therapist are welcome to participate with student if needed).

Our tap classes begin with basic tap techniques and phrases and are done with music or A
cappella.  Students begin with Broadway style tap and our older dancers learn the origin, history, and roots of tap "Hoofin."  Inspired by greats  Jimmy Slyde, Diane Walker, and Gregory Hines, this style is known to people from shows like "Bring in Da Noise Bring in Da Funk," "Boot Men," and "Tap Dogs."

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